i'm jayshuk pandrangi :)

cs student @osu
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recent creations

creations that i've been working on

dashcam detector

the dash cam detection software, developed with python and opencv, utilizes cascade xml files for efficient object detection. it analyzes video frames, identifies specific objects or patterns, and incorporates additional safety features for enhanced functionality.

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analouge media converter

the analogue converter project harnesses the potential of python and the versatile image manipulation abilities of numpy to create faux analogue video imagery. by implementing various filters, effects, and advanced image processing techniques, it imparts a vintage, nostalgic aesthetic reminiscent of analog film onto digital videos.

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stock price evaluator

the stock prediction bot, built with python and quandl, analyzes historical market data to forecast stock prices. it employs machine learning algorithms, statistical models, and technical indicators, providing insights for traders and investors to make informed investment decisions.

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blogs & news

writings that i find cool

aux 2.0

rebecca bellan talks about apple's new shareplay update which lets all car passengers queue up sonsg to one system

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cloud computing in fintech

a discussion on the integration of cloud computing technology to mitigate risks in the data security sector of banking

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